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Île d’Aix – Charente Maritime – 4th edition

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FULL - waiting list registration
From109 €

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Availability : Friday 4 October 2024
Min Age : 18+
Max People : 240


Departure time to be confirm


The principle of the Infinity Trail is simple, it’s a Backyard Ultra: 

  • A 6.7 kilometer lap to be completed in less than an hour
  • Every hour a new start, until there is only one person left in the race
  • The event can last 10 hours, 24 hours or even 102 hours to beat the world record, it all depends on YOU ! 

So, you set your own limits whether it’s the distance of a marathon, a 100km or even more than 300km!!!


Île d’Aix Backyard Ultra is probably one of the most beautiful backyards in the world. So, even if the goal of this race is not to see the landscape, you have to admit that it will pass the time and the laps in a more pleasant way. 

Imagine doing the almost complete tour of this exceptional island with the view on dream beaches, on the mythical Fort Boyard, on the coasts and the other islands around, on the Fort Liedot… It makes you dream, doesn’t it ?

The course will take a little road, wide tracks on the coasts, a little bit of sand, bridges, ramparts… so you will never get bored. Moreover, with the tides, the landscape will change while you will always turn on the same loop. 

An ideal setting to push your limits, whether it’s 5 laps, 20 laps or 60 laps! 

In partnership with the city of l’Île d’Aix

Registration details

  • Participation to an unique event
  • Round trip ferry to Ile D'Aix (departure of the ferry from the town of Fouras)
  • Bib
  • Gift at the bib pick-up
  • Non-Finisher gift (except for the last person and minimum one loop )
  • Refreshments
  • Round trip ticket to Normandy for the winner to participate in the Infinity Trail Normandy 2024

You can read the rules here

Rest area

The rest area will be outside without shelter. A defined area on grass will be dedicated to each participant near the start and finish line. 

You will have to plan your area accordingly in order to cope with all possible weather conditions…


Solid food and hot drink every 3 hours, so every 3 laps with rice, pasta, fruits or others. At night, we will also offer broth, coffee or tea. 

Sometimes we will offer fruits or cereal bars between the solid refreshments but not necessarily on every lap. 

Note that some surprises will be offered from time to time, but we can’t tell you that… you’ll have to do the rounds to find out 😉

Please take into account that on our refreshment stands, you will not find any Coke, other soft drinks or sparkling water in bottles… for the simple and good reason that it creates a lot of waste, which we want to avoid. Water will be tap water


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